Gotham City feat. Masta Ace

by Point Nine



1st single off Point Nine's forthcoming album "Return of the Point" featuring Masta Ace and produced by Taymak Beats ©2017


Verse 1 (Masta Ace)

Welcome to a place where the warriors dwell,
And them same warriors fell if they was corny as hell, yeah,
And I can tell you need a lot of advice,
First you gotta pay the price then you gotta be nice, listen,
You's a young boy, a little whipper snapper,
You can't be scared so be prepared to whip a rapper,
With a Verse as wicked as a witches curse
That ain't about when you on the block how you grip the clapper,
I know you wanna be the ruler, hit the benz dealer,
Trade ya sh*t for something newer, go see the jeweler,
Get your rap starter kit now you thinking you a part of it, but if you don't do this for the art of it
Then you won't blast off but this ain't rocket science
Everyday these record labels is dropping clients,
So you may think your song is live but its survival of the fittest man the strong survive in Gotham city

Hook (Point Nine)

Where it's always night, and crime rules,
Hide ya kids hide ya wife better hide ya jewels
(Run it) Hip hop ain't been the same since PAC and biggie
It ain't a game this rap thang is gotham city
Where it's always dark, and help is never there,
Started out in the park, now it's everywhere
But there's only one ace and he's rockin w me
It's point nine the new face of Gotham city

Verse 2 (Point Nine)

I'm here now and I don't need an introduction
So unique how I speak no tongue and cheek I spit with substance,
Can't tell me nothing, I paid dues I'm nice like you ought to be if you're tryna sell me something
Grown man got this old man like oh man
I'm not afraid Blade quick enough for Conan
This ain't a slow jam, im about to pick the pace up
I don't pack no steel I just spit that real you got appeal like make-up
I don't care about the glamour and the glitz
I don't plan to show it off but I'm a fan of getting rich and if I never make a dollar off this music that's a bitch but I'll never sell my soul or fake the funk for a deal that's not my pitch
Forget a 360 I'm in it for the long haul
AZ wit me I'm the peoples champ like Paul wall
Don't care if they like me ironically it's why they do, until the love stops Ima drop an album every year or two

Bridge (Point Nine)

All I hear is jokers, a bunch of crazy kids
A lot of two faced characters & shady biz
Rap is under attack we came to kill the wack
The man in black w the bat symbol on his back


released June 18, 2017
R. Klein, D. Clear, D. Davis



all rights reserved


Point Nine Phoenix, Arizona

Point Nine (born Ryan Klein) hails from California, lives in Phoenix, AZ, and aspires to travel the world sharing his music. More than just a lyrical master, he's had his hands in a bit of everything from making beats & mixing to filming & editing videos. He's opened for dozens of hip-hop legends, sold thousands of CDs independently, and continues to single-handedly build his brand. Stay tuned!!! ... more

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